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Free Psychic services

Why can't I just call a "Free Psychic"?

 Mary Mitchell Author: Mary Mitchell

If you are making important decisions in your life based on the guidance that you are receiving, you owe it to yourself to find the most accurate and experienced psychic that is within your budget. Nothing worthwhile in life is free.

In the early 1900’s, bars would provide a free lunch to patrons to encourage them to drink more. This meal would often be of high salt content in order to make their patrons thirsty. If someone is giving something away for free, be aware....there is always a catch. This is no different with psychic readings.

Professional psychics take their craft very seriously. They often attend classes, seminars, and read up on techniques and modalities in order to continually improve their abilities. And just like you, they are also paying their bills by working their job. Charging for their readings allows the psychic to focus on being a great psychic, instead of offering readings in addition to their full time job. When anyone offers their services for free, they are either inexperienced or will attempt to extract money out of you in a different way (spells or additional expensive services). You would not make “free services” a top priority when choosing a therapist or doctor. Choosing a psychic should be no different.