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is it better to read with multiple psychics

Should I get reading from only one psychic or is it better to read with multiple psychics?

 Jeffrey Simpson Author: Jeffrey Simpson

Although you do not have to only read with one psychic to receive your answers, there are reasons to avoid “Psychic Jumping” (asking the same question to multiple psychics in that same day).

When you work consistently with one psychic, you will be able to delve deeper and deeper into your situation with each session. A skilled psychic does not need to take notes. Their spirit guides will “download” the information from your prior session, so you do not need to re-explain the topic and waste valuable time.

The challenge with repeatedly working with the same psychic is that after a while, they may unintentionally block information in order to soften negative news or predictions that may have risen since the last reading. Psychics are just people like you and me and it can be difficult to be the “bearer of bad news.”

The benefit to working with more than one psychic is perspective. Two people can look through a window and accurately describe two different views. If you are facing a challenging decision, having a second opinion is a great option.

On the other hand, working with too many psychics can be confusing. There will be times (especially in a prediction reading) where the information from two different psychics may conflict. This then becomes an issue for you to decide who is “right” and who is “wrong”. When you are working with predictive information, it is important to remember that your actions today will have an affect on the results tomorrow. Both psychics may be picking up on potential results that may depend on the free will actions you ultimately make.

I feel that having two or three psychics that you develop a relationship with for your guidance is recommended. This allows for multiple perspectives (but not too many) so that you can make the best educated decisions for your life. Utilizing more than one psychic also ensures that when you need guidance, one of them will be available.