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some tips to choose a psychic that best fits your needs

Is it possible to recieve a great reading from a psychic with only a few (or no) reviews?

Julian Hofsteadt Author: Julian Hofsteadt

Just like you and me, psychics may move from job to job. Just because a reader has only a few reviews on their current site, does not mean they are unskilled or inaccurate. Here are some tips to choose a psychic that best fits your needs:

  • When choosing a psychic for the first time, read their profiles. Psychics often list their experience in their posted bio. Pay attention to their reviews, but also the types of services they offer. Many psychic networks also allow for the advisors to upload an audio recording describing their services. This is a great opportunity for you to listen to their voice and style, prior to making the purchase.
  • Are you looking for a particular type of reading? If you prefer a tarot reading, make sure you choose a psychic who lists tarot in their tools. If you are unsure what you need, call customer service (if the site offers this service) and ask for a recommendation. Any site that truly values their customers will have a skilled live customer support team that can assist you in connecting with a psychic that is a match for your questions.