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How to avoid scams or inexperienced psychics

How to avoid scams or inexperienced psychics.

Patti Randal Author: Patti Randal

Unfortunately as in any field, there are those whose mission is to take advantage of the consumer. Use these guidelines to protect yourself, as well as your wallet!

  • Listen to their tone of voice. Unskilled psychics often rely on a “script” that they use with every client. Often, if your psychic sounds disconnected or uninterested, it signals they are not engaged in the reading. If they are not in the engaged, they cannot connect with you accurately.
  • Some of the “scams” that are used by unscrupulous “psychics” are: “Make three wishes and keep two to yourself and tell me the other wish.” “You have a very long life to live.” “You smile in your face, but have tears in your heart.” “You are always there for others, but no one is there for you.” “I see someone from your past coming back into your life.” “I see that there is lots of jealousy around you.” These lines are meant to feed your ego and prompt you to respond with information for the “psychic” to comment on. They are also setting up the reading to ask you to pay them more money so they can “fix” what is wrong with your life. Beware!
  • Any psychic who tells you that you have “dark energy”, a curse on your family, or in any way paints you out to be a continuous victim, is injecting fear into the reading for control.
  • If the psychic states they are 100% accurate or can guarantee a prediction, be aware that they are not being honest with you. There is no such thing as a psychic with 100% percent accuracy. This is no more true than a doctor that heals 100% of the time or a meteorologist who is 100% accurate with weather predictions.
  • Stay away from the “good news” psychics. A skilled psychic will be honest about your future (positive and negative). Advisors that are in it just for the money will tell you anything you want to hear to make you feel better and to keep you on the call.