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How can I receive my answers and stay on budget

How can I receive my answers and stay on budget?

Monique Heartland Author: Monique Heartland

A reading that only answers some of your questions is not enough. You need the whole picture right? Let us help you understand how to have a complete reading and not “break the bank”.

PRO TIP: One of the easiest ways to stay within budget is to choose a site where you purchase preset blocks of time at a fixed cost. This way, you know the total cost of the reading before it begins. is the only network that offers this fair and honest pricing structure. If you have only one question, a 10 minute session may be enough time for you. If you have one or two questions, a 15 minute session would be an acceptable choice. If you desire to read deeply into an area of your life, or you have many questions regarding a complicated situation, a 30 minute or longer session may be required. The longer sessions from already include a discount, compared to their shorter readings. My advice: Take advantage of all available discounts and book a longer reading the first time, versus buying two shorter readings at a higher overall cost.

PRO TIP: If you do choose to work with a site that charges per minute, keep a close eye on the time while you are on the call. There are hundreds of billing complaints all over the internet from people being charged hundreds of dollars for a reading. Beware of unauthorized charges and overbilling.

Finally, make sure that you take a moment to write down your questions before you purchase your reading. This will help you to have a checklist so that you do not forget to ask anything of your psychic before your session is completed. Allow yourself to be fluid in the reading, as the psychic may guide you into areas of your life that you need to examine, even if you had not come prepared with that type of question.